Who We Are

Inspuro is a pharmacist-formulated and American-owned Cannabidiol (CBD) company. We make top-notch CBD nutraceuticals for sublingual and topical use. We provide products patients can trust and rely on, with standard consistency backed by independent third-party testing.
At Inspuro, we strongly believe in the importance of reliable consistency of products. Our control over product quality and consistency is key to our operations.
Inspuro, the company name, invokes the thoughts of being “inspired” and “pure”.
Our products enhance wellbeing by working to supplement what the human body already produces. Natural molecules like anandamide and 2-AG are more readily available when CBD is consumed.
At Inspuro, we sell not only plain CBD oil, but we also sell a variety of sublingual product blends to more closely target specific needs. Each blend is pharmacist-formulated to work with the patient’s body to naturally enhance specific problem areas. These blends utilize the “entourage effect”, and blend several different terpenes with our CBD to enhance or modify its actions in the body. The most common uses for our products coincide with the different blends.
Suggested Use: For most people, 1/2-1 dropperful of sublingual oil should be held under the tongue for about 1 minute to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Remaining oil can be swallowed.
In addition to our sublingual oils, we sell a topical anti-inflammatory/ pain cream which can be rubbed directly into problem areas as needed.

The blends are as follows:

Sublingual oil – Plain – This is the base formula for all other blends, as it doesn’t contain any terpenes. The plain formula is for patients intolerant to essential oils/terpenes that make each blend unique. Plain CBD is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that targets multiple sites throughout the body to improve various conditions.
Sublingual oil – Red/Pain – This oil contains the same terpene blend used in our topical cream. The blend works synergistically with the CBD to target pain and inflammation throughout the body. Sublingual oil – Purple/Relax – This CBD blend is formulated with terpenes to encourage a calm, meditative state and to better achieve relaxation and sleep.
Sublingual oil – Blue/Focus – As a blend, this mixture may enhance feelings of focus and energy and is best used in the morning or early afternoon, as it may energize and uplift the user.
Sublingual oil – Orange/Mood – This terpene blend was created to enhance mood and wellbeing. The components work together with CBD to lift spirits, enhance positive experiences and decrease the weight of stressors.
Sublingual oil – Green/GI Issues – This blend is tailored to target inflammation and irregularities within the gastrointestinal tract.